Fault report

  • Email info@krylbohus.se. Enter your: apartment number, name, telephone number. Write if it is OK that we enter with the main key, we can service you faster if we can do that. Write in which room the error / problem is and what the error / problem is. The apartment number can be found on the door and on the bills from us. Between 07.00-16.00 on weekdays you can also call in your fault report on 0226-611 11.
  • In case of serious errors on weekends and after 16.00 on weekdays, call 0226-611 11. During these times only emergency faults might be fixed, for example: total stop in the toilet, no drinking water at all in the apartment, no heating anywhere in the apartment.
  • If you are disturbed by, for example: loud noises from a neighbor, people who do not belong in our houses or their surroundings – make a disturbance report.
  • On weekdays and on weekends call 0226-611 11. We keep the name of the caller a secret.