Here you find answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you can´t find the answer here, mail us your question at info@krylbohus.se. You can also call us at 0226-611 11 between 07.00 and 16.00.

How do I get an apartment at Krylbohus?

See our available apartments at HomeQ and apply for one there.

We are a private company. We decide if you can rent from us. To rent from us, we require the following:
You must be at least 18 years.
You must have a Swedish social security number.
You may not have any debt to any landlord.
You may not have debts that´s led to a “betalningsanmärkning” (official overdue debt ).
You may only have one apartment at Krylbohus.
You must live in your apartment and be registered there.
You must have a regular income.

There cannot be unreasonably many people living in your apartment.

When moving, how long notice do I have?

Three months, according to the rental law. Remember to clean your apartment thoroughly. If you don’t clean it, you will have to pay. Contact us for advice on how to clean it.

Do I Need Home Insurance?

Yes, we require Home Insurance.

How do I get a bigger apartment?

At HomeQ you find all our vacant apartments.

How do I change apartment?

Through HomeQ. Follow the instructions there. You are not allowed to exchange apartment with a relative, a friend or someone else.

How do I report if something is wrong?

Email info@krylbohus.se. Enter apartment number, name, telephone number and if it is OK for us to go in using the main key, we can help you faster if you allow us to do that.

Write in which room the damage/problem is and what the damage/problem is. You find the apartment number on the front door and the bills from us.
Between 07.00-16.00 you can also call us at 0226-611 11.
In case of serious damages/problems after 16.00, call the same number 0226-611 11. This service only applies to serious damages/problems.

How is the rent set?

We at Krylbohus negotiate with an organization called Hyresgästföreningen (tenant association). We follow the rents in the rest of Sweden and agree on the correct rents for us. When an apartment is repaired to a higher standard the rent will be higher as well. But it is not higher than we and Hyresgästföreningen has agreed. Hyresgästföreningen represents those who live in apartments.

How do I book a laundry room?

There are touch screens outside the laundry rooms. Follow the instructions there.

How do I get a storage?

Email info@krylbohus.se. Enter your name and apartment number (you find it on your front door and the bills from us). Write what storage space you need. It might be in the basement, the attic or in another building.

Where do I put the baby stroller?

It must be put in the bicycle storage. Otherwise, it can cause problems during an evacuation.

Can I let someone else rent my apartment?

No, according to the law you are not allowed to let someone rent your apartment. It is also illegal to rent an apartment from someone else.


If I have bugs in my apartment?

Contact us immediately at 0226-611 11 or info@krylbohus.se. According to the rental law, you are required to report if you think you have, for example, cockroaches, mice, or ants in your apartment. We will take swift action. The faster we act together, the easier the termination will be.

Keep in mind: Check your bags carefully after traveling abroad. Check packages sent to you from other countries. If you buy, or are given, used furniture, look through it very carefully. Keep the kitchen and bathroom clean. Throw household garbage in the right place.

What do I do with my old furniture?

Take it to the recycling center.